If someone told you that you can live every moment being absolutely happy, would you believe them? Completely satisfied and wanting for nothing more than you already have? That anger, despair, sorrow, jealousy and even mild irritation can all become things of the past, no longer running your life?. That life can be full of fun, a fascinating voyage of discovery and wonder. That there exists all around us a magical, fairy tale like world of joy and magnificence, full of pleasures and treasures. A world abounding with sensual delights, where fear no longer  exists.

It is now possible

The Maze Of Life 

Imagine a giant maze. There are many different entrances and many, many routes within the maze. Some routes criss-cross with others. There are dead ends and loop backs. Some paths are relatively smooth, others are stony and tortuous. There are mountainous paths and paths crossed by ravines. Somewhere in the maze lies the exit. There is no obvious path to the exit and although many paths reach it, there is no apparent means to effect an exit. Creatures are scattered all through the maze. Some are carrying huge burdens on their backs, weighed down almost to the ground. Some tightly clutch bundles to them, as though frightened they will be snatched away. Others are crippled and can only hobble along. Some are blind and wander around in circles, with no idea where they are going. Yet others dash to and fro, with no apparent purpose or direction.

A few wonder what they are doing in the maze, wonder if there is any point to it all, was it meant to be as difficult and as miserable as this. A few of these, very few, manage to find their way to the exit. Having found it many run away as fast as possible. Yet more rush off blindly and end up stuck in a dead end, with no possible way out. Some of those who reach the exit remain there, gazing in, caught up in apparent rapture at the sight within. A very, very few, though not knowing what awaits them and knowing they may perish in the attempt, step through anyway and discover life as it actually is.

The few, who have found the exit, are to be seen jumping up and down in excitement, waving a flag, saying to their fellow creatures “Come on, over here, life can be wondrous, full of fun and sensuous delight, it is not difficult. Life does not have to be miserable. Look at me. I have found a veritable paradise, come and join me.” Most of the creatures ignore these others, being too caught up in what they are doing. Some attack them, call them fools or madmen or say “It is all right for you, there is no way I can get there”. A few pay attention and discover that life will never be the same again.

I am here, jumping up and down, waving a flag. This is the story of my journey through the maze of life, of how I found the exit and of how, you too, can be free of the misery of the human condition, if you wish. I am not showing a ‘WAY’, nor saying ‘follow this path’, nor that ‘I have found the TRUTH’. I have no ‘teachings’, answers or ‘messages’ to impress you with, nor have I any desire for you to ‘follow’ me. I have my experiences of life and my views on what they mean and I am happy to share them with you. What you choose to do with them is entirely up to you and I have no interest at all in whether you agree or disagree, approve or disapprove or could not care less. This does not mean I am unwilling to enter into discussion. One of my greatest pleasures is discussing what life is actually about. I found writing this to be of benefit in making discoveries about myself and it is an excellent method of focusing one’s attention on an issue. Also, I found reading of another’s experiences of life assisted me greatly. So I am happy to publish these writings, in the knowledge they may prove helpful to another and provide verification that it is possible to be happy and harmless, in this life. Also it was great fun to do and will continue to be so, as these pages grow and develop.

Alan’s Journey

This Moment Of Being Alive 

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