Actualism Resources

 Slack Discussion Group

There is currently an active, moderated, actualism discussion group operating on Slack. It can be accessed using the above link (username and valid email address required).


 An Actual Freedom From The Human Condition

The gold standard for everything you want to know about an actual freedom from the human condition.


Actualism & Actual Freedom – A Simple Guide

A site created and written by a man from Sydney who became actually free in 2018


From the 21 September to the 14 November 2017 Dona and Alan stayed in Ballina and met up with Richard and Vineeto almost every day for 3-4 hours.

Questions & Answers to Richard and Vineeto

 They invited questions to be put to Richard and Vineeto from those interested in an actual freedom from the human condition.

These are the personal notes written by Dona and Alan at the time, which have only been edited for grammatical errors and to add further links/information/clarification.


 Actualism method video

An excerpt from the PCE dvd available for download, with Richard explaining the actualism method. Link on top left of the above page – 300Mb download which may not play on tablets or phones (not on iPad certainly).

   Items for sale

Richard’s journal, Peter’s journal and three DVD’s can be purchased using the above link. They contain nothing which is not freely available on the Actual Freedom Trust website but I and many others have found them of great benefit – and the small income they provide helps defray the costs of the upkeep of the site.


In February 2021 Geoffrey, who became actually free in 2018, hosted a meeting with fellow actualists. The recording linked to above contains edited remarks of his conversation (the other participants were not recorded) 


Slack Archive 2016 to Feb 2018