2017-10-17 03:49:13

RICHARD: One abandons ‘humanity’. And one knows ‘when the time is ripe’ because one finds out these things as they are happening or after they have happened and the realisation that this abandon is actually happening is stimulating, to say the least (there are weird feelings such as ‘a rat deserting a sinking ship’ to feel for example). One will no longer belong anymore to the largest group there is … ‘humanity’ (which is way, way past all gender groups, racial groups, age groups and other social groups).

Geoffrey: ‘Abandonning humanity’ is a big thing. It’s apparently ‘my’ major objection these days. “I have to go down with the ship! or else I’m a rat.” What identity wants to be the rat, and not the honorable captain/sailor? ‘I’ am so much into tragedy.

2017-10-19 12:45:58

It is turning around in my mind that abandoning humanity is required to help humanity (or maybe more precisely humankind/human bodies). There is something there I don’t viscerally grasp. It still feels like a cowardly act.

“You guys are suffering? I’m outta here haha!”

I understand that sinking with the ship won’t do the passengers any good. But still, taking the way out to go chill on the beach perfectly happy while they cry and lament in the tempest… damn.

Ah, humanity! You got me alright! Your moral claws I can’t seem to shake away.

2017-10-19 16:19:07


One thing I forgot to say in the notes. Vineeto wondered if you had yet committed to feeling good each moment again for the rest of your life? Also why do you think you might be the captain of the ship?


I have.

I added ‘sailor’ for that reason (I am no captain), but the image of the guy going down with the ship works better with ‘captain’ no?

Although there might be more to this ‘captain’ affair than my ‘worry’ about the metaphor not ‘working’.

I do feel I am invested with some responsability that forbids me to jump the ship.

‘Sailor’ expresses that also…. it didn’t occur to me to write ‘passenger’ for example.



Vineeto and I didn’t have this same “worry” (staying with the sinking ship).. I wondered if it was because we are female and aren’t brought up thinking the same about “honor”. She laughed and said, yes, “women and children first” … We don’t go down with the ship!


I indeed wrote ‘honorable captain’ in my post/question. Men! lol

I am not done with the ‘male/knight/hero’ social identity component/archetype obviously.